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Security Guards Pretoria ( Guarding Services )from Security Company Pretoria has become a basic need. Proshield Security guarding services, provide a specialized security guard service to both the commercial and industrial business sectors. Proshield Security Company is a competent, aggressive and competitive security guarding company in Pretoria that relies on years of experience in security guarding and the latest technology with the sole aim to secure your peace of mind and guarding your property. (Guarding Services Quotation ) ( Security Quotation Pretoria ) Contact us  for a free quote on Security guards Pretoria.

Proshield Security Guards

  • PSIRA trained & registered security officers.
  • Induction training site.
  • Site specific training to client needs.
  • Ongoing site training.
  • Bi-Weekly written service calls to monitor performance.
  • Armed reaction on verified incidents.
  • Trained supervisory staff & quality management.
  • A wide array of services & equipment.

Training Of Security Guards

  • A complete needs analysis is done at the premises.
  • A formal agreement is negotiated with the client.
  • A formal job description is negotiated with the client.
  • Security officers and relievers are trained to the Job Description.
  • Regular written service calls are done with the client to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Armed reaction on verification of possible risk as preventative measure.
  • Performance management by client..

Electronic Guard Monitoring System

(Proshield supply the system with full installation and backup)

The electronic guard monitoring system is the ultimate answer to control the patrolling effort of security guards during all hours of duty The system involves the installation of strategically placed location identification buttons along a patrol route.

Security officers equipped with a reader unit would then perform scheduled hourly or half hourly patrols along the patrol route clocking at each of the location identification buttons as they progress and printed records of such patrols are available to clients. ( Guarding Services Quotation ) Contact us for a free quote on Security Guards Quotation Pretoria.