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security_companies_pretoriaLooking for security companies Pretoria that can provide guarding services? When it comes to having a business or running a company, security both inside and outside is important. With the fact that inside security measures are usually in place, outside security for the premises against thieves or any other attacks is what remains lacking. In this regard coming to pro shield services is ideal as we give the best security services in all of Pretoria. In this case giving you the needed relaxation and peace of mind to go by your business unafraid of anything security related.

Security Services Offered By Pro Shield Security

Security services

As Pro Shield Guarding Services we offer security services to all companies, businesses and residential people who want state of the art security. With specially trained guards, you will have a secure environment near surrounding you whether its day or night. We ensure that we analyze the premises beforehand beefing up areas that need such in order to give the best services to our esteemed clients.

Security checks

This we handle as cars, luggage and any other person comes in and out of your premises. With the fact that most attacks are usually by people known by the client company, no one is left unchecked as every stone in a sense is turned. Registration is done on everything coming in and out of the premises at a nt given time before any clearance is given.

Consistent perimeter and patrol verifications

security_companies_pretoriaAs a Security company Pretoria we pride to ensure that before an incident occurs we are able to stop them. In this case when it comes to security checks, we ensure that a number are done to your premises beforehand. However if a breach is found the necessary steps are taken and the information is passed to you, for an essential cause of action to the taken.

Armed reactions

When it comes to having violent cases on your premises, we as Security Company Pretoria act promptly. This is done by sending in armed reinforcement to your location as soon as possible to neutralize the threat, bringing in security as soon as possible.

Why choose Pro Shield guarding services

Site specification to client needs

As par the contracts signed by a client, we ensure that everything they seek for is given you. With the formal agreement as our guideline, we ensure that all guards taken to your premise are retrained to ensure that they all are well equipped to handle the area well. On the other hand performance management is usually given to every client. This literally means that a client can review the work done and if they are unhappy then the contract can be reviewed to what they expect.

Performance appraisals

We schedule bi-weekly written service to all our esteemed clients, in this way we ensure that everything is continuously being done up to par standards. On the other hand since security is Key we never abandon our clients. This goes a long way to ensure that our relationship together grows stronger and a better understanding to what you need is always given.


When it comes to big and small companies, we always endeavor to give services to all. Thus when it comes to small businesses as a Security company Pretoria, we ensure they get the very services that any other company would get. On the other hand when it comes to big companies, no job is too big for us. This way we ensure that when we give the standards expected to any of our clients.

Ongoing onsite training

When it comes to crime, criminals tend to be advancing each and every day to cleverer ways. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that all our security guards have the necessary training on and ongoing process. This way eliminating the chances of being caught unawares in any surprise attacks that may arise.

Registered guards

Unlike many companies we only take the best when it comes to security guards and provide you with the same. Providing guards trained under PSIRA and are registered security officers you are only guaranteed with the best of protection available, thus you get to sleep easy at night.

Second supervisory staff

Security needs a lot of measures and a lot of personnel to go off without a hitch. Thus when you entrust the security of your given premises to us we do it to the finest detail. With supervisory staff involved in the security work apart from the security guards themselves, you will never come in to have your premise left unattended as everybody will always be on their toes.


As pro shielding guarding services we have embraced technology in all aspects. Depending on your premises, we as a Security company Pretoria ensure the latest equipment is at your premises disposal to make the security impenetrable. Whether its barriers or cameras we got you covered.

Time sensitive

When it comes to keeping time to have a 24/7 security as it should be, our fully trained and disciplined guards know the importance of this. With the ongoing trainings happening all the time, time is usually a topic that is covered to ensure that your premise is not left unmanned. On the other hand in case of any emergencies happening, our response teams are never far away. With a many security vehicles at your disposal, the part of you having to panic when an incident occurs will be eliminated as all you have to do is to call.


When it comes to cost of services, we ensure that there are rates that are suitable to all our clients. Since security is s a must to all, we do not want to overburden any of our clients to have to pay to stay safe. Thus regardless of the area in question, together with the number of security guards at hand. We give the best prices in the industry in combination with state of the art security, guaranteeing 100{f5d416bc29e3220cea5dbbdea6f3f27a3caeb93312d1e1bf190d93dab5953bfb} satisfaction for all.

At pro shield guarding services, we only offer unsurpassed security services to all and when it comes to response you are assured of never to be let down. Thus if you are in need of protection from our affordable services you can contact us to get the best quote for you.

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