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Security Guarding Services Gauteng

It is unfortunate that a huge majority of people are not aware of the importance of security guards Gauteng until it is too late. Proshield offers security services to assure you that you are our business. Whether it is you, your family or business that needs security and safety, count on us to give you the peace of mind so that you can concentrate on other important matters.

We have high quality guards in Gauteng

At Proshield, all of our security guards Gauteng are selected with great care according to their level of professionalism, skill, aptitude and manners. Before we hire any security guard, he or she will undergo a thorough and complete background check. We have an intensive preparation and training to make sure that they have all the competencies needed to meet all the demands of their job.

We have the right guards for you

securityguardgauteng1We believe that you do not have to deal with the stress of not having the right security guard or company behind you. All our guards have had formal military training and some of them have actually been in the service. They have the integrity and dedication that cannot be found in any other security company. We are more than just another security company

Proshield is the company to look for when you are in need of security guards Gauteng. Our company beats the competition when it comes to the requirements of a security guard company. As a private security company, we offer more than detecting, deterring or reporting. Proshield takes the security business to a whole new level. We know what needs to be done to keep your business, and you, safe. Apart from that, your company gains more value from our attention to detail and outstanding customer service.

We hold ourselves accountable for anything that happens to your company or property. Proshield takes ownership and considers you and your company as its own. We believe that with this approach, our guards would be proud of being part of your accomplished family or successful business and in doing so, they become your representatives through their attitude and appearance.

Because we take ownership, Proshield cares about you, your family and your business. We focus on every detail which will put your business to the forefront in the industry. We know how important it is for any company to make a good first impression and great customer service experience. This is the way we can add value to your company and just one of the many areas where we outdo the

If safety and security is important to you, Proshield makes them its priority.  We call them the 3 P’s: people, possessions, and property, and our company is focused on keeping all three safe and secure. We are here to keep risks at a minimum by finding all your vulnerabilities. This way you can live your life, enjoy your family and manage your company. With us you can be assured that we are keeping an eye on everything.

Our Gaurding Services In Gauteng

Proshield security services include all grades of highly trained security officers, your choice of armed or unarmed security guards, a 24-hour control room, regular site inspections, two-way radio communications, and on-site training. When you think of security guards Gauteng, Proshield should be the first to come to your mind.

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We can supply you with guards for your residential, commercial, industrial and retail premises. 

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