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Security Guarding Services Tshwane


We are based in Tshwane (Pretoria) and provide security guard services to the public and industry. We have vast experience in the field of security guarding and have proven to be competent in the provision of security guarding services. Our services make use of advanced technology and this is the reason why we perform effectively.

Guarding Services Offered In Tshwane

We offer a wide range of security guards that cater for the needs of various clients. Firstly, we have all grades of security officers. There are armed and unarmed security guards depending on what our client prefers. We have a 24 hour control room and we are registered with Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA). There are also regular site inspections that we carry out for our clients. In order to ensure your safety, we offer on-site security training for anybody who needs such services for their security department. Lastly, we also have two-way radio communications.

How we provide our efficient security services

There is a limit of 25 clients for every field manager hence clients are guaranteed that all their security problems will be solved. We assure our clients of personalized liaison. We carry out a thorough assessment to ensure that the services offered are of high standard. This is done with the help of our branch Quality Control Manager. In addition to that, we take remedial actions if need arises. Our supervisors help the management in ensuring that our security officers carry their duties effectively. In fact, our supervisors carry out random supervisory visits throughout our Tshwane client premises to ensure the best service delivery.

Training of our security guards

We invest highly in our security guards to ensure that we offer the best services. First and foremost, we carry out a complete analysis at our client’s premises in Tshwane. There will be a formal agreement between the client and the company. The client also states the job description depending on security needs. We train security officers and relievers according to the job description agreed upon. We carry out regular written service calls so as to ensure that our clients are totally satisfied with our service delivery. Proshield not only offers security guards in Tshwane but also carries out verification of any risk that may arise in order to prevent any kind of insecurity incidence.

Electronic Security Guard Monitoring System

This refers to a system by Proshield that offers the best solution to control patrolling activity by security officers during working hours. It is mainly about installation of location identification buttons at specific places on a patrol route. Thereafter, security officers who have a reader unit will carry out scheduled patrols at intervals of an hour or half an hour on the patrol route. During this patrol, they have to clock every location identification button as they continue with their work. Finally, we will give printed records of their patrols to the clients. This ensures a high level of security for your business premises or commercial areas.

Proshield has built for itself a high reputation as far as security guards Tshwane is concerned. We guarantee to offer you high quality security services. If you need our services you can contact as and we will be ready to offer our services at affordable rates.

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